Estilista devolve autoestima a homens com calvície e seus sorrisos dizem tudo

Perder o cabelo é um dos maiores pesadelos de muitos homens, ainda que cada vez mais surjam pessoas provando que não há nada de errado na calvície, e que é totalmente possível viver bem com ela.

No entanto, para aqueles que realmente gostariam de ter cabelo, ainda há boas esperanças, e Phil Ring é uma delas. Trata-se de um especialista em substituição de cabelo, e com técnicas nada invasivas e não-cirúrgicas ele é capaz de devolve a autoestima e a confiança para muitos homens.

Lembrar-se de que a perda de cabelo em si não oferece risco de vida. “Pode não ser agradável e pode ser lamentável, mas você pode viver com uma queda de cabelo ou uma careca, diz Ring. A perda de cabelo é tão desafiadora quanto você pensa que é”. Colocando esse ponto careca em perspectiva. “Seus verdadeiros amigos e família vão gostar de você por si mesmo e não por quanto cabelo você tem em sua cabeça”.

Confira alguns de seus trabalhos incríveis:



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This is so game changing. My client today got a double lace system and I used tape to apply his system. I saw him a couple times for his original system and he was able to learn to do the maintenance on his own so I haven’t seen him in about 8 months. Hair replacement doesn’t have to be an expensive service if you’re willing to put in the work to learn how to do the maintenance on your own! . I’m doing a 2 hour webinar tomorrow from 12-2pm EST. It’s not too late to sign up just VENMO $100 to PHILDOESHAIR on Venmo! When you do, make sure to add WEBINAR and your Instagram handle on the comment area. When you’ve done that please comment a ⭐️ if you still need to be added to the private group. I will film the whole process so if you miss anything it will be available later to you. Also, if you’ve already signed up for my $750 education this webinar is free to you! Just comment a ⭐️ and DM me the proof of purchase and I will add you! . Product used @hairskeenusa @walkertapeco @unwash @nirvelusa_official

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@nathanlucrezio you make an amazing hair transformation and Thank you so much for your time and trust @hairroinsalon today! I Cannot wait to see you star as Haseem in Aladdin the musical on aug 10th! . I met Nathan through @dondarrylrivera and @baldmanarchives who both are my clients and stars in Aladdin. I’m so happy I can give them the hair they have been looking for! If you all haven’t seen Aladdin yet, be prepared to cry because every time I see it I can’t hold back the tears! The music, lights, dancing and just all of the sparkle is incredible!! . To learn how to do this service there’s 3 ways: 1. $1500 2 day hands on class with @hairskeenusa 2. $750 online education and certification 3. $100 2 hour webinar on July 22 from 12:00-2:00 pm EST. To book this send $100 payment to PHILDOESHAIR on Venmo and write in the caption WEBINAR and your Instagram handle

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This client has had his system for 6 months and it’s still going strong. Even though he’s a drummer and profusely sweats like 12 hours a day I still only do his maintenance every 6 weeks. His system is an HH183 that has 130% density on the front and 100% in the back. Perfect for anyone that doesn’t mind a lot of hair and wants a pompadour style. . The hair wouldn’t usually be in this incredible of condition if it weren’t for him using my recommended products: @unwash BIO CLEANSING SHAMPOO @nirvelusa_official XPRESS 1 minute deep conditioner To learn how to do this service there’s 3 ways: 1. $1500 2 day hands on class with @hairskeenusa 2. $750 online education and certification 3. $100 2 hour webinar on July 22 from 12:00-2:00 pm EST. To book this send $100 payment to PHILDOESHAIR on Venmo and write in the caption WEBINAR and your Instagram handle

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I love my job, and my clients are the best! When I made the decision to completely give up doing haircolor I spent a good 3-4 months making less than what I was spending to travel to NYC and I spent my savings on classes and new tools. It was definitely not something I thought I could continue forever, but I was not the best men’s Haircutter and I knew I had to give 100% to that. I’m so glad I did because it really shows. It was the biggest risk of my life so far and the biggest reward. I’m almost 100% booked every week in NYC and now I’ve added another day to the week to accommodate more clients. Trust me, the fear of failure has kept me up so many nights but I just want to thank @hairroinsalon for bringing barbering classes to the curriculum led by @payne_is_beauty as well as other top educators from around the world. Also, thank you to my clients who have always been my biggest cheerleaders in the salon. You guys tip me well and I lived off the support for so long, you always come in with a great attitude and when things aren’t perfect, you have been so understanding and now I feel even more complete. If you live in NYC Or RHODE ISLAND and want a consultation or appt please book on This service is about $850 and you only pay an hourly price for any monthly maintenance. No contracts, no crazy amount of money up front, in NYC you’ll be treated with respect in the salon just like any other client and I do have the most private station, but if you need more privacy please consider coming to Rhode Island for services until you feel comfortable with us at Hairroin. We love you all and want you to be happy and we do ALOT of hair systems at Hairroin so chances are you won’t be alone during your service (and we have a bit of whiskey for your nerves!) . To learn from me sign up for my online education on my website or join me online for a live Webinar for $100 on July 22 from 12-2 pm eastern standard time. To sign up for that, please VENMO $100 to PHILDOESHAIR and add WEBINAR and your Instagram handle in the comment. . Have a great week everyone!

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Today I gave my new client an updated look complete with a little haircolor, a beard trim and a lot of new hair. I get a lot of the same questions about this and here’s some of the most frequently asked: Cost $850 This is a double lace unit that I call a sport edition because it’s great for active people that want to use lace for breathability and you can apply it yourself with tape adhesive. Tape used @walkertapeco NO SHINE tape will last 2-4 weeks before needing to reapply I work in NEW YORK at @hairroinsalon and also have a private studio in RHODE ISLAND for clients that need privacy or same day consultations and services. This system lasts about 4-6 months but if you use the products I recommend then you can have it even longer. . If you want to book a consultation or appointment with me, go to my website to see the booking options . Hair system services aren’t cheap but @hairskeenusa is the top of the line company, and no systems I’ve ever seen are better. I also teach my clients how to do maintenance on their own so the biggest cost is my initial application. . I have online education available to certify any licensed barbers or cosmetologists and an upcoming live webinar on July 22 from 12-2 pm EST that’s only $100!

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Most people thinking about getting hair systems think that shaving is the hardest part. THEN you put hair on them and they realize getting used to their new look is something they weren’t prepared for. 8 years ago in a Haircutting class someone once told me “if it doesn’t take your client 3 days to get used to their new look, it wasn’t creative enough”. Who knee that advice would be so accurate?!? When you go from shaved to having a system that can be jarring because more often than not, the system has to be a disconnected look like this which means it has to be longer. After your hair grows out you can go shorter with the system but it usually looks better this way and learning how to have hair overnight is tough! . If you guys are interested in learning how to do hair systems, click the link in my bio to hear more about the hair replacement education and hands-on kit! **this system was a low density poly unit HH-111 with a level 8R as the color choice. It matched him perfectly!** . Client @richard5791 Thanks for everything boys @dennisjosephbabyliss @babyliss4barbers @babylissprousa

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Damn Daniel Look at @brittainbelden new look courtesy of @keonthebarber and I. If you are in his area Greenville South Carolina, and you want this look consider him my first protege! His fading and my hair replacing together cannot be beat! . If you want to learn this work, click the link in my bio to see what the kit I’ve designed with Hairskeen comes with and all the digital education! We are doing PRE SALES right now and everything begins shipping on December 1st! This is the most affordable way to get certified from Hairskeen to purchase hair AND you can watch the content OVER AND OVER again to make sure you get it perfect! . Thank you so much to all of the support! I’ve never sold tickets or sales to anything this fast, and I’ve barely shared the contents so I just appreciate you all so much!

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Before @hairskeenusa system and after ?? This system is a color 2a. I applied it with Hairskeen tape which can last 3 weeks or so but I recommend reapplying every couple weeks preemptively. I’m a big fan of the hairskeen tape because it is so easy to apply and clean off, and my clients can learn to maintain it on their own. I love doing this style of haircut because the hair is down and will always hide the seam where the hair is adhered to the head. Not that it needs to but this is a guaranteed way to disguise the connection. So many people want pompadours or to wear their hair away from their face but that’s a higher maintenance style, this hairstyle will require much less reapplications because it doesn’t expose the front. What do you think? I work in NYC and Rhode Island. To book consultations these are the following websites to book: NYC Rhode Island

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