Artista recria personalidades do passado e mostra como elas seriam hoje em dia

Olhar para o passado e estudar a história é uma das melhores formas de tentar entender como eram as coisas antigamente. No entanto, como fotografias e registros visuais são um luxo da era moderna, muitas vezes é difícil saber com precisão como eram realmente os personagens que marcaram a nossa história. Por conta disso, uma garota de 29 anos, especializada em design gráfico, utilizou toda a sua técnica para reconstruir figuras icônicas da história, tentando trazer para o mundo atual uma representação bem próxima de como essas pessoas realmente eram.

Becca Saladin, a mente brilhante por trás dessas recriações, já conta com mais de 204 mil seguidores em sua conta do Instagram, intitulada ‘Royalty Now‘.

“Eu acho que (esse trabalho) é só uma diversão, mas também penso que é importante reconhecer essas personalidades como pessoas reais, e não apenas personagens de histórias que conhecemos. Eu acho que vê-las como pessoas modernas é uma forma de humanizá-las”, disse Saladin em entrevista ao portal ‘IFLScience‘.

Para realizar as recriações, Saladin procura uma imagem de um(a) modelo que possua algum tipo de semelhança física com a personalidade que ela deseja recriar. A partir daí, passa a utilizar o Photoshop para adequar a imagem do jeito que ela acha melhor. Não se trata de um trabalho fácil, e cada recriação pode levar mais de uma hora para ficar completamente pronta. Mas o resultado final faz tudo valer a pena. Confira:


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The Patreon pollsters have selected King Tut as the next subject! I know this is a little different than my usual post. This time, I’ve been given permission to use this recreation by the forensic artist (& my idol) Elisabeth Daynes (@atelier_daynes). This recreation of King Tut has long been my favorite, and was created in 2005 when 2 teams were tasked with recreating what King Tut may have looked like. It shows some of the features that may have been the result of inbreeding, such as the overbite and weak chin. I realize that the hard work here has been done for me by Daynes, but I wanted to bring him into the modern day. Hope you enjoy. . . If you would like to support my work you can do so by joining the Patreon and gaining exclusive perks like seeing posts a week before they are posted here, seeing some of my greatest failures, and watching creation videos. ( or I have a “Tip Jar” here at www.paypalme/royaltynow. This work costs money to create, so any help is much appreciated ❤️ . Left Image: © reconstruction Elisabeth Daynes, Right Image pieces: iStock Photo &

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A Venus, de Boticelli.

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Happy Valentines day! It’s only fitting to do Venus from Botticelli’s famous “The Birth of Venus”, painted during the height of the Italian Renaissance. The model for Venus is the gorgeous Simotta Vespucci, one of the artist’s muses. I think she’s one of the most beautiful females ever painted – do you think anyone tops her? Swipe to see a sneak peak of the creation video for this one, which is now live for Patreon supporters! . . As always, if you would like to support you can do so by joining the Patreon ( or I have a “Tip Jar” here at www.paypalme/royaltynow. Any help is much appreciated. . . Left Image: Public Domain, Right Image base: with permission, @LesFleursduMallory and Gregg Thorne (

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Genghis Khan.

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Here we are with Genghis Khan, one of the most fascinating rulers in history and the founder of the Mongol Empire. Genghis was also responsible for millions of deaths. This was one that was requested many times over the past week. This is the only portrait of Genghis Khan that was supervised by someone who knew what he looked like – his grandson Khubilai Khan. There are no contemporary portraits of him. Similar to the depiction of Cleopatra, there are differing descriptions on what his coloring was. Some claimed he had red hair and green eyes, others claimed he had features very similar to East Asian populations today. I have to admit – this one challenged me and stretched my skills. This was the oldest and most stylized portrait I’ve ever worked from. Let me know what you think in the comments below! . If you’re interested in a time lapse video of how I created this piece, keep an eye out for my Patreon launch announcement coming this week! 👑 . Left Portrait: Public Domain, Right Portrait base: . #GenghisKhan #MongolEmperor #MongolEmpire #Mongols #Photoshop #RoyalFamily #History #Khubilai Khan#Royalty #EuropeanArt #EuropeanHistory #AsianArt #AsianArtHistory #Drawing #GraphicDesign #HistoryMemes #Portrait #ArtRestoration #DigitalArt #ArtOnInstagram #HistoryNerd

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Abraham Lincoln.

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A lot of you requested Abraham Lincoln when I asked last week – this one came together so nicely. As most of you know, Abe Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States from March 1861 until his assassination in April 1865. Lincoln led the nation through the American Civil War, its bloodiest war and its greatest moral, constitutional, and political crisis. He preserved the Union, abolished slavery, strengthened the federal government, and modernized the U.S. economy. . I personally don’t see any modern doppelganger – I think he was a really unique looking person. Who do you all think he looks like? . Colorization for left image goes to Marina Amaral (@marinaarts), and Universal History Archive.

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Benjamin Franklin.

Mona Lisa.

Henrique VIII.

Anne Boleyn.

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I hope nobody here will get tired of my Anne Boleyn posts…she is my favorite historical figure so you may get quite a few 🙂 Many people asked me last time I posted Anne if I really thought her features (specifically her lips) were really that delicate – and I don’t think they were. Tudor portraiture often de-emphasized these features, so I modified my finished version to reflect what I think is probably her more likely appearance. Since it’s the holiday season, one of my favorite ghost stories is the story of Anne appearing underneath the great oak tree at Hever Castle, her childhood home, every Christmas day. Do you all have a favorite historic ghost story? Hope you all have a great holiday season! 🎄🎄 . Credit for left image: Wikimedia Commons, United States Public Domain, right image base: © Glenn Francis,

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Rainha Elizabeth I.

Jane Austen.

Agrippina, mãe do Imperador Nero.

Júlio César.

Alexandre, o Grande.

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